GSTR 9 enabled on IRIS Sapphire

GSTR 9 is annual GST return which needs to be filed by every taxpayer who has taken registration under GST Law. It is a mandatory return for all taxpayer and due date for GSTR 9 is 31st December 2018.

Changes in IRIS Topaz excel Utility as per New API Release

Recently NIC releases new API version 0.3 for generating E-will bill and made some fields related changes and some new validation checks related changes at NIC Portal.

On the same line, we also included all these changes in IRIS Topaz, excel utility as well as on the Web portal. Let's see below are mentioned changes done at IRIS Topaz excel utility for generating new E-way bill:

New Field/Existing field

IRIS Sapphire's Compliance Tracker


This feature is introduced under 'Compliance Tracker' menu and can be accessed by any user in the hierarchy.

The new feature lets you view the status of all your GSTINS i.e active or inactive in one page with the option to generate/regenerate OTP for the purpose of validating your session with GSTN.

You can also keep a tab on your filing activities as it shows the history of your activities (how many returns uploaded and downloaded)

GSTR 6 enabled on IRIS Sapphire

As registered taxpayers, entities need to file various returns based on their nature of business and the type of registration obtained. GSTR 6, the return for Input Service Distributors, is now available in IRIS Sapphire.