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In the GST regime, every taxpayer is identified by its unique GST Identification Number i.e. GSTIN and what’s more, a business needs to obtain GSTIN separately for every state in which it operates in. Thus a business, which so far has been typically identified by a single PAN, now has one or more GSTINs associated.

While all the return filing and reporting for GST is done at GSTIN level, it is also important to know all the GSTINs associated with a PAN. This will help in tracking the transactions with one counterparty having operations across the country and to identify cases where there has been cross-referencing of GSTINs within a business i.e. PAN. 

That’s where our feature of searching GSTINs for a PAN comes to your aid.

GSTIN search by PAN

Now, in addition to doing a bulk search of GSTINs, you can also get GSTINs by providing a PAN. Once you input the PAN, for all the GSTINs found you can get the general information i.e. legal and trade name, registration date, taxpayer type etc. and also the for every return filed month by month for every GSTIN. All these details come to you in a spreadsheet format. 

Also for a bulk search of GSTIN details by providing GSTINs, limit increased to 500 GSTINs. So in one go, you can search for 500 GSTIN.

To know more about bulk GSTIN search and GSTIN search by PAN click here.

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