To get started with Topaz web portal ( as a first time user, you need to be registered with “IRIS TOPAZ”.

1. If you are an existing user of IRIS Sapphire, then use the same credentials to sign in to IRIS TOPAZ

2. If you are a new user (i.e. not using IRIS Sapphire), then you need to sign up to IRIS TOPAZ

Follow the below steps for signing up and getting registered with IRIS TOPAZ:


1. Go to URL

Web_Onboarding_Log on

2. Click on the Sign up Tab. Enter First Name and Email ID and click on Sign UP.

Web_Onboarding_Sign up

3. Registration Successful message will be displayed and email will be sent to the Email ID which was mentioned during Sign up.

Web_Onboarding_Registration successful

4. Complete registration from the email link and Set Password and provide Mobile number which is registered at NIC site and Aadhaar Card number (Optional).


  • Password should be minimum 8 characters and maximum 16 characters, should be alphanumeric, should contain at least 1 special character, 1 digit, 1 upper-case and 1 lower-case letter.
  • Mobile no. should be numeric and 10 digit.
  • Aadhaar number (Optional) should be numeric and 12 digit. The Aadhaar number should never start with 0 & 1.

Web_Onboarding_Set Password

5. Enter Login credentials on IRIS Topaz portal. You have now been authenticated and can add your Company/Business on the portal.

Web_onboarding_sign in