Update Vehicle Details

Validate Imported Data

After Import of data, you need to validate your imported data. In this utility tool, we build up some validation rules. Also from NIC, they provided some field specification related rules. So you need to follow all those rules while preparing your data. 

If error found then one pop-up message will appear about that error. You need to double-click on that error message then it will directly take you to the cell which has an issue.

Then you need to clear out that error first and then start processing of Update Part B. Refer list of all validation rules.

Update E-way Bills

After resolving all errors, click on “Update E-way bill”.

Topaz_Lite_Update e-way bill

Below pop-up will come. Then click on “Yes” so that e-way bill gets updated


After clicking “Yes” below pop-up will come


Then click on OK. And after that you will get details like Vehicle update date and time, valid up to date and processing status.

Lite_Updated EWB_Details