Place GST Data Order

For placing an order click on "Place an order" as follows:

Credixo_Place an order

1. Enter PAN of the entity or name of an entity as per PAN and click on GET GSTIN.

Credixo_Get GSTIN_For GST Raw Data order

So here we will bring the list of GSTINs based on the given PAN or Name of entity as per PAN details.

2. Now from the list of GSTIN select the GSTIN for which you want the data.

Credixo_GSTIN search

3. And also select other details from the drop down like return type, filing period and section types. Here you can choose multiple GSTINs, multiple filing periods and multiple section types data at a time

Credixo_Select Data

4. Click on add and then click on place an order. We are providing output in two formats one is JSON file and another is CSV file. So by default, an output will be in JSON file but if you want CSV file then click on CSV checkbox has given just above place an order tab.

Credixo_place an order

5. Once you place an order you need to confirm your order. Here you need to activate the GSTN session for that GSTIN. So here one "Activate" button is given. 

Credixo_order confirmation

6. Once you click on activate button, a box like shown below will appear.

Credixo_activate session

Here provide username and click on Generate OTP. Once the OTP is generated and you have received it, enter the OTP and confirm your order. 

7. You need to confirm your order within 24 hours after placing an order. After placing an order you will also receive one mail as below

Credixo_Order mail

Once you place an order, you can go to order history to view your orders.