Place Insights Order

For placing insights order click on "Place Insights Order" as follows:

Credixo_order insights

1. Enter PAN of the entity and click on GET GSTIN.

Credixo_Provide PAN Insights

So here we will bring the list of GSTINs based on the given PAN.

2. Now from the list of GSTIN, select the GSTIN for which you want the insights.

Credixo_Select GSTIN for insights

3. And also select other details from the drop down like filing period and report type. Here you can choose multiple GSTINs, multiple filing periods at a time. Here filing periods are given on Quarterly basis.

4. Once you have selected drop down values, then click on submit. So that your request for insight reports will get generated.

5. After placing an order, go to "Order History" and confirm your order.