Bulk Operation

In bulk operations, you will get bulk data upload facility and bulk download of business errors facility.

Bulk Upload

In case you have multiple GSTINs under the same business, you can upload invoices from all the GSTINs in a single input format. This facility is available for GSTR 1, GSTR 2, GSTR 3B, GSTR 9 and ITC 04

To make use of bulk upload facility, follow the below-mentioned steps:

Sapphire_Bulk operations_bulk upload

1. Under Bulk operations, click on 'Bulk Upload'. Select return to be filed and filing period from the drop down

2. Click on 'Browse', select the relevant input file and click on Upload. The input file should be as per IRIS input format.

3. Finally, click on 'Refresh' to see the status of upload history as 'SUCCESS' or 'FAILURE' (in case of structural errors).  In case of failure, in the result column, you can see list of structural errors.

Note on Structural Error check on Invoices

If the file you are trying to upload doesn’t conform to the specifications of IRIS provided input format then, in such cases, the invoices will be rejected and status shown would be 'FAILURE'. You can click on the structural errors in the result column to review the errors. The maximum limit of structural errors is 100, after that the file is not taken up for further processing. In case of errors, clear all errors from file and then again try to upload file.

Bulk Error Download

In case of success status, your data will get updated for each of GSTIN for which data is uploaded. Also in this case, if you want to check any business errors came or not then go to "Bulk Error Download". 

Sapphire_Bulk operation_Bulk error download

As of now, this facility is available for GSTR 1 and GSTR 2.

Here you need to select return type i.e. GSTR 1/GSTR 2, sections like regular transactions/HSN/ISD, more than one GSTIN and the filing period for which data is uploaded.

And then click on check status to know if any previous download request is in progress or not. If no request is in progress then download button will get activated and your business rule error file will get downloaded in CSV format.