Create and Save GSTR 9

Click on “Create GSTR 9” and then click on confirm to proceed with the creation of return

Sapphire_creat GSTR 9

Once the creation is complete, uploaded data will be displayed section wise. Also, there is a comparative view between IRIS uploaded data value and GSTN save data. Option to download summary is also available.

Sapphire_GSTR9_Create GSTR 9

Once you reviewed details, now for saving data click on "Save Data to GSTN"

Sapphire_GSTR9_Save data

Also in "Save status" you will come to know whether all data saved or not. If any error comes from GSTN then you will get an error report. And then you can easily correct your data.

Sapphire_GSTR 9_Save status
Also, an option to discard the draft is available.