Auto-drafted GSTR 9 (GSTN)

Here you will get auto-drafted details from GSTN for your GSTR 9 based on GSTR 1, GSTR 3B and GSTR 2A data. So click on "Get Autodrafted Data". So that you can see all details which are coming from GSTN side.

Sapphire_GSTR 9_Autodrafted details GSTN

Download facility is also available here. There are two types of download.

1. Download GSTR 9 (GSTN) - Here you will get a download of auto calculated details for a whole financial year from GSTN side.

2. Download Comparative Autodrafted GSTR 9 - Here you will get download for comparative autodrafted details from GSTN side and from IRIS side. So that it will help you for review.