Upload For Single GSTIN

Here you can upload the details for GSTR3B for one GSTIN at a time through input format provided by IRIS. The data needs to be as per IRIS Input Formats.

So select GSTIN for which you want to upload data. Also here you can download auto-compute details for GSTR3B.
And fill rest of section details manually and upload the same file over here.

Sapphire_GSTR 3B _Auto Computed

*Download the input format functionality is active. You can download the same.

You will see status as 'IN PROGRESS' in the upload history table (In case file is in queue for further processing then status would be 'UPLOADED'). Once the file passes all the technical validations, the status will change to 'SUCCESS'. In case of any structural errors you will get status as 'FAILURE'

In results, you can see the error messages. So in case of failure, solve those errors from file and upload error free file.

Once file got uploaded successfully, go to view section.