View Section

Here you can view the uploaded invoices in the respective fields as per the format of the uploaded document.

Sapphire_view section

a. Invoice level Input

The invoices, debit notes, credit notes, export invoices and advance receipts uploaded at invoice level

b. Supplies to Small customers

The data provided at aggregate level for un-registered dealers or customers.

 c. Nil Exempt Non GST

If the data is provided at aggregate level.

d. Advances/Tax Paid

If the data is provided at aggregate level.

 e. Document details

Description and count of invoices and other documents issued.

 f. HSN Summary

If the data is provided at aggregate level.

Viewing Invoice Details

1. Click on the Document No. to view the details.

Sapphire_viewing invoice

2. 'View Invoice' section will display invoice-level details along with errors/warnings (if any). You can also click on error and warning icons in the Error/Warning tab to see the details.

Sapphire_view error and warning in invoice

3. Click on ‘Other Details’ to view ‘Plant code’, ‘Branch Code’, ‘Area Code’ and other IRIS additional fields

Sapphire_GSTR 1_Other details of invoice

Sapphire_GSTR 1_other details

4. Click on 'Details' to view line-item level details including description of item sold and quantity sold.

Sapphire_GSTR 1_Line item details

Sapphire_GSTR 1_line item details

5. Click on 'As Calculated' tab to view details clubbed rate-wise.

Sapphire_GSTR 1_As calculated

Using Filters

The following filters are available for viewing invoices

  1. From and to date – To find an invoice within a specified date range
  2. GSTIN of counterparty – To get invoices pertaining to one or more GSTINs
  3. Name of counterparty – To get invoices pertaining to the name. Search is based on the exact match
  4. Invoice number – To filter invoices based on the number. Search is based on the exact match
  5. Invoice Value – To filter invoices wherein value is equal to the specified value by the user. Search is based on the exact match
  6. Document Type – To filter documents based on its type – Regular invoice, Bill of supply, Debit note, Credit Note, Receipt voucher, Refund voucher, and Tax paid
  7. Invoice Type – Filter documents based on its type - B2B, SEWOP, DE, SEWP, B2CL, B2CS, EXWP, EXWOP
  8. Error / Warning – To filter documents having either errors or warnings
  9. GSTN Status – To get documents based on its save status at GST system
  10. Branch code – This is an additional field defined in IRIS input format which can be used for associating the invoice to its branch. The filter will allow getting invoices pertaining to a particular branch. Search is based on the exact match

Delete Invoice

In case you want to rectify an error or modify an invoice, you can delete the invoice from both IRIS Sapphire and GST System. You can delete one, multiple or all invoices.

Sapphire_delete invoice

If GSTR-1 has already been created then click on 'Discard Draft' on the GSTR-1 tab to re-enable delete option.

GSTR 1 EWB Recon

The facility of doing the reconciliation between EWB generated and GSTR 1 data uploaded is now available over here.
To know more click here.