Submit GSTR 1

After creating GSTR 1 draft and saving all data to GSTN, now you are ready to submit GSTR 1 return. Please note that submission of return is the final step after which you are not allowed to make changes in submitted data. So be careful while submitting your return.

So from now on, using IRIS Sapphire, you can submit your GSTR 1 return to GSTN.

Sapphire_GSTR 1_Submit Feature

So here in submit, firstly you will get checklist; based on which you need to first check the data and get assured that everything is correctly mentioned in return and now you can submit return.

Following are the type of checkpoints you will get:

1. HSN Summary is blank - If you have not provided HSN summary then you will get this check in Submit checklist
2. Document details is blank - If you have not provided document details then you will get this check in submit checklist
3. If any invoices are in"To be saved status" or if there are any invoices which are having errors and also if you have deleted some invoices from IRIS Sapphire and not saved that invoices to GSTN, then for all these scenarios, you will get the checkpoint in submit checklist

Also here in this checklist, for every checkpoint, you will be provided a procedure to check those warnings. So just click on that warning then you will get the procedure to check data.

You can submit your GSTR1 once you have checked for all the points. 

Here we take a confirmation from you as "You have reviewed the above errors/warnings checklist and want to submit your GSTR 1 return" So click on this confirmation and then click on "Submit GSTR 1" button.

Once you have clicked on Submit, below pop will come. Here you need to click on "Confirm".

Sapphire_GSTR 1_Submit confirmation

So that your request for Submit GSTR will get in process.

Sapphire_GSTR 1_Submit in process

And as shown above, in screenshot, you can see one info button i.e. "Check Latest Status".

Now click on "Check Latest Status" to know if your GSTR 1 return got submitted successfully. 

Sapphire_GSTR 1_Submit successfully

So here your return status for that filing period will get changed from draft to submitted.

This is the procedure for Submitting  GSTR 1. Now next steps i.e. e-sign and file GSTR 1.