To get started with IRIS Sapphire then you have to be a registered user of IRIS Sapphire. 

1. Go to IRIS Sapphire portal.

2. Click on the Sign Up Tab. Enter First Name and Email ID and click on Sign UP.

Sapphire_Registration_sign up

3. Registration Successful message will be displayed and email will be sent to the Email ID which was mentioned during Sign up.

Sapphire_registration_complete registration

4. Complete registration from the email link and Set Password and provide Mobile number which is registered at GST System and Aadhaar Card number (Optional).


  • Password should be Min 8 and max 16 alphanumeric, should contain 1 special character, 1 digit, 1 upper-case and 1 lower-case alphabet.
  • Mobile no. (Optional) should be numeric and 10 digit.
  • Aadhaar number should be numeric and 12 digit. The Aadhaar number should never start with 0 & 1.

Sapphire_registration_set password

5. Enter Login credentials on IRIS Sapphire. You have now been authenticated and can add your Company/Business on the portal.

Sapphire_Registration_sign in