List of Invoices in Supplier Only and Purchaser Only across the group

Here you will get the consolidated view of all supplier only and purchaser only invoices across the group for one financial year.

This report will give you a consolidated view of missing invoices which got categorized in supplier only and purchaser only categories across GSTINs within root PAN.

See the below image for more clarity:

Sapphire_new reco_Group level report 1

How to get this report from IRIS Sapphire:

Sapphire_new reco_how to get group level report 1

1. Go to PAN level for which you want to Generate this report
2. Select “Reconciliation”, in this click on “Group Level Reports”
3. Here you can see First report i.e. “List of Invoices in supplier only across the group”
4. Select Section “B2B and B2BA” or “CDN and CDNA” from drop down
5. Now select Financial Year from drop down
6. And Click on Generate
7. After sending request of Generate, you can see the status of request just below Generate button. 8.Once the request completed now you can download the file