List of common invoices in Supplier Only and Purchaser Only across the group, includes across taxpayer GSTIN, across financial year and across regular and amendment section

This report is to identify same invoices present in supplier only and purchaser only category:

• across different taxpayer GSTINs within your one PAN group,
• across financial years,
• across regular and amendment sections

This report will give you the comparative view between Supplies filing details i.e. 2A and Purchaser uploading details i.e. 2P.

So from this report, you can easily match missing invoices which are coming in supplier only and purchaser only category. It is important for the group level admin to note that all the GSTINs under the group have done their GET 2A and uploaded their purchase register for all months, only then a complete picture will be shown. Also unless this report is generated GSTIN Level users will not be able to view this report when they create and download the same report from GSTIN Level Report 1.

Sapphire_New reco_Group level report 2

How to get this report from IRIS Sapphire:

The process is same as mentioned above for report 1 i.e. “List of invoices in Supplier Only and Purchaser only across the group”.
Just the thing here you will get only one option to select section as “B2B and B2BA” or “CDN and CDNA” and then click on Generate.