Process Flow

  • Create Rule File 
    • Calculate and Edit Rules
      • Add Rule - Mapping of ERP output with IRIS Format will be done through by adding rules
      • Edit Rule - In case of requiring any changes in the existing rule file then use this feature
      • Delete Rule - In case any rule need to delete then use this feature
  • Data Preparation
    • Calculate Values - Use to calculate invoice value if not provided in ERP output 
    • Data Consolidation - To consolidate multiple CSV or JSON files into one excel workbook
  • Transform and Validate Data
    • Standard Output - This facility is available for Tally ERP users
      • Prepare Data in IRIS Format - This feature will transform your ERP output into IRIS Format
      • Perform Validations - This feature will validate your data
    • Customized Output - User's who are using customized ERP output need to choose this option
On the Home page of IRIS Garnet, you will get links to easily navigate to required feature.