Download data for all your GSTINs in one go!


The option to fetch data from GST system for all your GSTINs and for all periods is now enabled. (If this option is not visible,  please clear the browser cache.)

Based on the access rights for the user, the GSTINs can be selected. The request for getting the details from GST system can be placed by specifying the return type, the section within that return and the return periods. 

IRIS GST Get Data from GSTN

You can choose the option to combine and get the output in one CSV file for every section. Once you proceed with the request, the status and details can be found in Request History

Once the request is complete, the file is ready for download. In the downloaded folder, a master file is included which includes the status of every request and the responses from GST system in case of there are any errors. 

As the data is fetched from GST system, the session with GSTN needs to be active. The time to process the request depends on the volume of data.

We hope the facility to download data for all your GSTINs in a single click, will bring in efficiency in your GST compliance activities. 

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abhijit.nimbalkar 1 year, 1 month ago

how to download this data

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admin 1 year, 1 month ago

Please select "GST Data" in the main menu. The options to specify the GSTINs, returns will be available.

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