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IRIS OPAL | Wiki is a collection of useful resources on various products under the IRIS GST Umbrella.

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IRIS GST offerings are designed to assist entities in managing their GST compliance and related activities in a simple, efficient and timely manner. IRIS Opal is our online knowledge repository of resources which will help to get familiar with the features and functionalities of IRIS offerings.

IRIS Opal consists of user manuals, process guides, input formats, API documentation and other information. The content is created keeping in view the business users and technical users.

GST came into effect from July 2017 and there have been several changes in the rules and regulations since then. IRIS GST offerings as well get updated to incorporate the law-related changes. Our offerings get enhanced with new features and sections.

IRIS Opal, our Wiki, will help you to stay up-to-date with latest developments in our offerings, in industry and GST.

Self-help guide for all IRIS GST Offerings

One place to get all updates about IRIS offerings

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What we have created


Comprehensive cloud-based solution for GST resulting in hassle-free compliance

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One stop solution for all Eway Bill needs to ensure smooth movement of goods

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Bridging the data needs in the funding process for better managing of working capital needs.

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Desktop utilities supporting GST compliance, Eway bill operations and others


API Gateway to the Government systems allowing to create seamless experience

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Searchable data repository facilitating automation and data validation

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Reporting and BI tools for deriving meaningful insights


Knowledge repository of IRIS GST

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Sharing of data within IRIS eco-system to enable perfect sync in the supply chain.